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Breakfast Before Brands

We’re used to early breakfast at Skidmarques as the door to reception opens at 8 a.m. Breakfast is often taken on the run or after a couple of vehicles have been aligned. For one Sunday in October, the 15th, we’re opening at 6 a.m. to enable all the British Superbike mad bikers who are on [...]

Back To The Past.

Team Skidmarques had a great day, last Sunday, with the fine gentlemen of the Charity Classic Vehicle Club and the Chelmer Valley Car Meet on he Dive-It run to Long Melford Hall. This is the second year that we have supported the event, we fill the van with oil, water, tools and practical stuff to [...]

Award winning irony

Skidmarques have recently been recognised as a Female Friendly Service Centre by The Foxy Ladie’s Drivers Club. The criteria for this requires us to pledge fairness and transparency in all our dealings with lady drivers, have  a comfortable reception area with hot drinks, suitable reading material, a clean loo and facilities for children. We excel [...]

From Air to Eternity

I have been very lax with my blogs recently, but there is a very sad reason for this poor state of affairs. Skidmarques has suffered a terrible loss of one of our team in the most horrific of circumstances. Such is my grief, at this loss that I could not bring myself to write anything [...]

Ladies’ Motoring Event

The charming, polite young men of Skidmarques are holding a Ladies’ Motoring Evening this coming Wednesday 10th August 2011 at 7pm. at our Prospect Way HQ. The evening is being held in conjunction with Michelin will be hosted by Victoria Nurse of Michelin (UK) and supported by our good friends, Lance James The Jewellers. As [...]

BNI member

Welcome to Skidmarques, Hutton.

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